Welcome to the Radar Stake Pool

Reliable ADA Rewards

The RADAR stake pool is a low-fee, high-reliability, bare-metal pool dedicated to true decentralization of the Cardano network.


Our primary mission at RADAR is to forward the decentralization of the Cardano network. After being passionate investors in Charles Hoskinson’s vision for years, we finally wanted to more actively contribute to the cause. On March 31st, 2021, RADAR was born.

To lower costs, maintain autonomy, and maximize decentralization, we chose to house our nodes on our own dedicated hardware rather than a commercial cloud hosting service. Our location in a previously unrepresented area of the US eastern seaboard helps add redundancy to the network. By controlling our own hardware, we are prepared to quickly adapt as the Gogeun era of Cardano introduces smart-contracts and other new capabilities. We can also better minimize and offset our energy use.

**POOL FEE 1%**

Keeping the fee at just 1% enables us to pass the rewards directly to our delegates.  We understand there are many pools from which to chose, and as we try to build from reliable block-minting to pool saturation, we promise no fee changes for the rest of 2021.

Current Equipment:

  • Block Producing Node:
    • dedicated x86 quad core CPU, 16GB RAM
  • Relay Node
    • x86 quad core CPU, 8GB RAM
  • Relay Node 2
    • Raspberry Pi 4, 8GB RAM
  • Reliable broad-band hard-wired internet connection.

Let us help you build your own pool!

Stake pools may seem like they are competing with one another for your ADA. However, most of us adopted early and are just passionate about the mission of Cardano. We predict that massive adoption is going to require a multitude of educated single stake pool operators to buck the increasing trend towards centralization on corporate cloud server systems and with multi-pool owners.

We have been experimenting with several single-board CPU’s to discover the most affordable way to set up a reliable node. If you have an interest, please contact us directly via email or twitter at our links below!